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Pilates Reformers Installations Library

Please be aware that our installation instructions and videos were recorded at different times, and since then, our equipment has undergone improvements. However, the installation process should remain the same. If you notice any discrepancies in certain photos, please contact us for clarification. We are dedicated to assisting you in correctly installing your equipment. Please disregard any confusion caused by outdated images from previous models.


Most popular 

Step by step to install the Janet Pro and Nano Advanced (foldable reformers)

Zous 2.0 pilates installations manual

Step by step to install the Zous Advanced

Installations PDFs 

Le Palier 2.7 Installation Instructions 

Napolie Pilates and Full Trapeze Installations

Napolie Cadillac Pilates Table 

Nano Pro Studio Reformer Installation Instructions

Half Trapeze Pilates Reformer Installation Manual

Zous 2.0 Installations Instructions 

Foot-Bar Installation 

Installation Steps for the Pulley Tower Reformer 


Short Videos 

Quick installations for foldable reformers 

How to change pilates reformers springs

How to expand Zous foldable pilates reformer legs

Nano 5 springs foot bar and pulley system installations 

How to install pilates reformers wheels  (V1)

How to install pilates reformers wheels (V2)

Pilates arm chair installation 

Le Palier shoulder rest installations 

The Janet 3.0 reformer tower 

How to convert the Napolie from reformer to full Trapeze table 

How to fold and un-fold Nano foldable reformer  

How to open wooden crate

Folding and unfolding Zous 2.0 

Pilates Pulley Tower 


Long Videos 

Adjustable Pilates reformer with mini tower installation 

Aluminum reformer with tower installation

TuT Pilates reformer installations 

Luna Le Palier - Unfold and installations 

Aluminum Half Trapeze Reformer - Pilates with Tower

Folding reformer installation 

Nano 01 installations 

Napolie V2 installation

Napolie V3 installation 

Cadillac Tower Installation


Care Instructions 

How should I maintain an aluminum Pilates reformer?

How should I maintain wood Pilates reformer?

How should I maintain my Pilates springs?