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Zous 2.0 Pilates Reformer Installation Guide

Zous 2.0 Pilates Reformer Bundle for Home USE

With the Zous 2.0 Pilates Reformer Bundle, we offer flexible delivery options tailored to your location. Depending on your area, city, and state, we'll either ship it via UPS in 3-5 boxes or as a fully wooden crate semi-assembled. Our priority is to ensure the fastest and safest delivery possible.

Even for UPS deliveries, we go the extra mile. Before shipping, we install the reformer, meticulously test it, and then uninstall it for transit. Below, you'll find a comprehensive installation manual for both delivery methods.

Please note that while the documentation's pictures may not perfectly match the current version due to our ongoing enhancements, rest assured that the installation process remains consistent.

Installation Manual