Foldable Pilates Reformer Wood White Bed - Nour Advanced

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  • Wood: The wood is oak hand finished wood. 
  • Wheels: PU High re-spring wheel move smoothly.
  • Rope Lock: Firm and sturdy wood adjustable rope lock.
  • Rope: 0.5" strong rope and adjustable. 
  • Foot-bar: Adjustable angle foot bar.
  • Cushion: PU leather - Eco friendly {You can adjust the height of the head pillow depending on the exercise.} 
  • Size: 92 Inch X 27 Inch.
  • Springs: 5 resistance springs with 2 levels of adjustments. 
    • 2 Yellow Springs: Very Light Resistance (25 lb).
    • 2 Green Springs: Medium Resistance (35 lb).
    • 1 Red Spring: Heavy Resistance (50 lb).
  • Foldable wood reformer and movable for storage. 
  • 1 Jump Board.
  • 1 Sitting Box.
  • 2 Shoulder Rests.
  • 1 pair of Y shape (double loop handles) straps for arms and legs.
  • 1 pair of Pulleys.
  • 1 pair Ropes.
  • Stoppers.
  • The Nour Advanced will be shipped with pilates box and jump-board. 
  • This is "On Demand" Product.  (Please allow us 4 - 8 weeks to deliver this item* - Faster service is available with extra charge, please contact us for faster service).  
  • The competitive price of this very advanced equipment, together with its modest size, make this pilates reformer ideal for your home studio. From the manufacturer to your door ! PersonalHour cuts out the middleman by working directly with manufacturers.

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