Pilates Cushion - Non Slip Wedge - 12-Degree Incline

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The unique shape of the pilates cushion wedge fits perfectly between the shoulder rests of the pilates reformer to support you on a gentle, 12-degree incline.

This cushion is perfect if you ever suffered from shoulder, neck or facial injuries, or if you can’t lie supine due to dizziness or postural patterns.

Product Main Highlights 

The material is microfiber 1.2MM and Eco-friendly recycled cotton, durable and wear-resistant, comfortable and breathable and easy to care for


31″L (78.74cm) x 23″W (58cm) x 7″H (18cm)
1/4″ variation in dimension possible.


  • If you select the custom color, please write the color name as note during the checkout. 
  • We will reach-out to you to pick the color option of the leather once the order is placed 
  • Please allow us 3 weeks to deliver this pilates cushion to your door. Faster delivery is available for extra fees, please contact us for faster delivery.  

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