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Zous 2.0 Advanced - Foldable Wood Pilates Reformer Machine Bundle

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What is available ? 

  • Zous 2.0 - White

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This represents the upgraded version of the Zous Pilates reformer. The platform design boasts increased durability, and the carriage now offers quieter, smoother movement. Additionally, in this model, we've improved the foot pad design to provide more versatile options for Lagree exercises. 

Notably, the Zous 2.0 is the exclusive model that includes expandable legs.
The legs can expand an additional 3 inches to accommodate a wider range of exercises.

Oak Wood
Oak is a hardwood known for its strength and durability. It can withstand repeated use and resist wear and tear, making it suitable for the rigorous exercises and movements performed on Pilates reformers.

Smooth Wheels
Zous Pilates reformer's smooth-moving wheels are a standout feature that enhances the overall user experience and functionality of the reformer. These wheels are designed to provide several important benefits

Two Steps to Fold and Unfold 
The Zous 2.0 Pilates reformer is renowned for its user-friendly design, particularly its ease of folding and unfolding in just two simple steps. This feature enhances the overall convenience and versatility of the reformer
easy to fold and unfold
Folding: Folding the Zous 2.0 Pilates reformer is a straightforward process. First, you release the locking mechanism, typically located at the base of the reformer. Once this is done, the reformer's frame can be gently folded upwards. This compact folding mechanism allows you to significantly reduce the reformer's footprint when not in use, making it ideal for those with limited space in their home gym or studio.

Unfolding: Unfolding the reformer is just as effortless. To set it up for your Pilates session, you release the folded frame, and it smoothly extends back to its full length. This quick and uncomplicated unfolding process means you can be ready to start your workout in no time.

Easy to adjust foot bar, and front foot pad for Lagree exercises.   

Springs (2 levels)
5 Adjustable springs.
    • 2 Very Light Resistance (25 lb).
    • 1  Medium Resistance (35 lb).
    • 2 Heavy Resistance (50 lb).

The cushion is made of PU leather and high elastic sponge, breathable, and can be recovered immediately after pressing. 

The Carriage
The bed board is a widened design to make training more comfortable and softer move. 

The size of the Zous bed is 101 Inch X  23.5 Inch,  with legs can be expandable extra 3".  

With Jump-board, large sitting box and extra foot pad. 

What is Inside the Box ? 

The Zous 2.0 will arrive with the below parts included:

1- Bed frame assembled with the foot-bar. 
2- Padded jump board. 
3- Large pilates box. 
4- Carriage (pulley plate)
5- Two shoulder rest pads 
6- Two foot and hands loops. 
7- One foot strap. 
8- Two limit pull pins (stoppers). 
9- Add soft bouncer (Cardio Trampoline)for $99 extra only. Contact us after purchasing to add it for you. 

The standard box included with the foldable reformers is the TuT light box: Measurements: 14.5" W x 23" L x 9" H.
If you wish to customize the box, please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order.


What is the difference between the Zous 2.0. the Janet 2.0 and the Nour Advanced?
While all of our foldable reformers boast durability, smooth movement, and are excellent options for home use, there are some distinctions between them. Read on to learn more
How long does it take to be delivered? 
Depending on the option you have selected, in-stock items usually take 1 - 2 weeks to be prepared for shipping, and shipping takes up to a week in the US.
If you selected the on-demand option, please expect an additional 4 - 6 weeks for production before preparing for shipping.We offer expedited production for on-demand, 1 - 2 weeks instead of 4 - 6 weeks for an additional fee. You can add this service to your cart from our website. here 
We are committed to expediting the delivery of your reformer to you as swiftly as we can; however, please allow us the proper time to deliver.
Standard delivery for Pilates Equipment is curtsied - as close to your entrance or garage as possible. For in-house delivery, please reach out to us within one week of placing the order to make arrangements. There is an additional charge of $199 per equipment for this service

What sets apart the Zous 2.0 from the Zous basic reformers? 
Zous 2.0 boasts an extended platform compared to the standard Zous model, as well as an innovative expandable legs feature that enables you to elevate your experience by an additional 3 inches over the basic Zous.
What are available custom colors options?


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