On Demand Products

Some of our products are "On Demand" only, which means  we don't have them ready to be shipped. We will start the production once the order is placed and the payment is confirmed. (Within 24 hour of the order confirmation email)

Example of these products are the Pilates Reformers, Yoga Chairs and other heavy products.  

Important Notes 

  • "On Demand" products can be customized, reach out to us if you want to customize features before you place your order. If you just want the same listed features, you can place your order without reaching to us. (go through the normal checkout process)
  • Please allow us  from 5 - 14 working days to make the "On Demand" product, then it will be shipped after that. (total estimated delivery from placing the order until it will be delivered to your door is ( 4 - 10 weeks) depending on the requested customizations. 
  • Once the "On Demand" production is started, the order can't be cancelled or refunded.  

We work to provide for you the best quality with the best available prices, having on-demand items helped us to source for you better value with very competitive price.  

Personal Hour warrants that all "On-Demand" and new equipment for free. 

Read more about our limited warranty