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About PersonalHour

In 2019, PersonalHour® was founded with a mission to empower you in achieving balance by providing affordable access to top-quality Pilates reformers and yoga supplies in the US market.

Our mission

At PersonalHour®, our objective is to simplify your shopping experience and provide valuable resources to support your journey toward balance.

Assuredly the Finest Deal in the US Market

In line with our mission to decentralize access to yoga and Pilates equipment, we collaborate with numerous suppliers, agents, and sources to consistently offer the best choices at the most competitive prices in the US market. We meticulously align our selections with market trends to provide you with the most favorable offers.

We Care

We curate and rigorously test our products and collections for trustworthiness. Our commitment to excellence means that we source our products from top-tier suppliers, ensuring that we offer nothing but the finest in the market. Read more about PersonalHour Reviews

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Show Room and Design Centre : 5980- F, Wilcox Place, Dublin, OH 43016

Customer's Support Office : 5650 Blazer Parkway, 166, Dublin, OH 43017

Assembly and Inspection Centre : 6365 Old Avery, Dublin, OH 43016

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Our Brand

PersonalHour® is a brand specializing in top-quality Pilates equipment, crafting and delivering exceptional Pilates tools.

From the Media

Meet the founder and understand the pilates equipments industry challenges

Pilates equipment is known for its high cost due to production expenses and premium materials. Storage and shipping costs across the US for large equipment like Pilates machines can be around $1000, in addition to production costs. We offer Pilates equipment for under $2000 by minimizing storage and shipping expenses through on-demand production and strategic distribution center selection.

Building value first - PersonalHour Story

I established PersonalHour with a mission to promote holistic wellness. Combining my expertise in e-commerce and passion for yoga, Zen, and Pilates, I launched Recognizing a gap in the US market for affordable high-quality Pilates reformer machines, I invested in manufacturing. The initial model, named after my mother, "The Janet," underwent rigorous testing and serves as a foundation for ongoing research and development aimed at enhancing affordability and innovation in Pilates equipment.

PersonalHour Pilates Reformers are renowned for their exceptional quality & affordability, in the US

PersonalHour's commendable goal of increasing accessibility to Pilates reformers resonates with the rising demand for affordable fitness equipment. Their efforts facilitate easier access to Pilates reformers, promoting fitness and well-being on a broader scale. This initiative not only benefits consumers but also fosters the expansion and diversification of the Pilates industry. As access to high-quality equipment improves, more individuals can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of Pilates, fostering healthier and more active lifestyles.

PersonalHour Pilates Reformers: Revolutionizing Fitness with Quality, Affordability, and Heart

PersonalHour defies the convention of high-priced Pilates equipment by providing top-quality reformers at half the cost of traditional brands. Their dedication to affordability without sacrificing quality is revolutionizing the industry. PersonalHour stands out for achieving an ideal balance between cost and quality, offering meticulously designed and manufactured Pilates reformers that ensure durability and effectiveness, providing customers with equipment that enhances their fitness journey and lasts for years to come.

Empowering Wellness: Building the PersonalHour Brand with Passion and Purpose

I am deeply engaged in meeting the needs and requests of our customers, attentively listening to every voice and actively participating in daily operations. My dedication to excellence entails personally overseeing every aspect, guaranteeing that each detail is perfected to the highest standards before shipping to our valued customers.