Reformer Pilates - Commercial Lagree and Pilates Reformer for Sale with Pilates Box

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High quality Pilates and Lagree bed made from Oak maple wood. This reformer pilates will help you to perform yoga easily and it can also help you to do Lagree exercises. 

This oak wood reformer is good for Lagree and pilates beginners and it is also good to start performing most of yoga posters without being worry. 

This yoga bed that can support almost all age groups and physical fitness and rehabilitation training conditions.

You will get a pilates box as a gift

Features Highlights 

Adjustable Resistance : it comes in such a design that you can easily change and adjust the resistance capacity according to your need, so this is a user-friendly reformer that will make you healthier and removes many issues from your body.

Comfortable Handles : The handles are made with very soft material, but it is hard enough to work forever. The handles will give you a very soft touch feel so you can do workout very comfortably in all conditions.

Benefits of using reformer pilates 

Weight Loss (Lagree fitness) : Regular use of the Cadillac Reformer will reduce your weight, and you will be surprised after seeing your weight loss. It can make your health better.


Relax Your Body : Yoga and exercise are a way to the inner strength and relaxation. The regular use of this machine will give you a healthy lifestyle and make your bones and muscles relaxed, making you feel good. Physique for Which You Dreamed : With a regular diet and use of this machine, you can get the physique you have always dreamed of.

Specifications of this reformer pilates

  • Pack size:2540*780*470mm
  • Material:Solid wood
  • Wheels:4 horizontal, 4 vertical


  • When you select please make sure you select the right model. 
  • The full bed comes with the top extensions, while the half bed comes with the tower only. 
  • This Megaformer is "On Demand" Product 
  • It needs easy assembly. It can be assembled in some minutes very easily and without some efforts. You can place it anywhere you need, and it is ready to be used.



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