Napolie Pro - Three in One - Cadillac Pilates and Reformer Bed with Full Trapeze Table

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The Napolie Pro Cadillac Pilates Reformer is a versatile three-in-one Pilates apparatus. It seamlessly transitions between a standard reformer, a Cadillac, and a reformer machine equipped with a full Trapeze and tower attachment. Napolie is meticulously designed to accommodate a diverse array of Pilates exercises, making it suitable for individuals of all age groups and fitness levels, including those engaged in rehabilitation training.

Napolie Pilates Bed Highlights 

Adjustable Resistance : It comes in such a design that you can easily change and adjust the resistance capacity according to your need, so this is a user-friendly reformer that will make you healthier and removes many issues from your body.

Wheels: Special 6 wheels and bearings on the carrier frame for a quiet and comfortable ride  

Foot-bar: Easy to adjust foot bar. 

Full Cadillac Frame Tower: The Cadillac Frame is supplied complete with all the required accessories so there is no expensive add-on purchases required.

Comfortable Handles : The handles are made with very soft material, but it is hard enough to work forever. The handles will give you a very soft touch feel so you can do workout very comfortably in all conditions.

Mattresses: Long and wide mattresses and foam-covered sliding mattresses of the same width.  

Pilates Springs: The springs are different colors and each color has a different resistance, there are 16 springs in total, 6 in the bracket, 8 in the tower and 2 in the cage. 


  • Material: Solid wood Oakwood or Maplewood (Standard price is for Oakwood. Maplewood option is available)
  • Wheels: 4 horizontal, 4 vertical.
  • Reformer Bed Springs: 6 Resistance Springs
  • Napolie full Cadillac measurements:
    • Total space length:  92.5 " (working length is 90") 
    • Total space width: 30.8" (working width is 27.1").
    • Short legs hight: 13.7" (standard)
    • High legs hight: 16"
    • Total hight from the ground (standard): 76.6"  


Is the Napolie 3 in 1 available for purchase on Amazon? 

Yes, only one seller is authorized by PersonalHour to sell Napolie on Amazon. 

Please use this link only to purchase Napolie 3 in 1 from Amazon.

There have been instances of counterfeit products being listed that are not associated with our brand and are of significantly lower quality. 

What is the cost of Maplewood upgrade? 

The Maplewood upgrade will incur an additional cost of $199. Please get in touch with us after you've placed your order to arrange for the upgrade.

What is included with the Napolie 3 in 1? 

You will receive a wooden box that includes: 

  • The reformer platform 
  • Full Cadillac tower 
  • Table convertor platoform   
  • Pilates box 
  • Pilates large padded jump-board
  • Padded foot cushion 
  • Foot extender 
  • Push-through bar 
  • Full set of springs 


  • It needs easy assembly and it can be assembled in 20 - 60  minutes. You will receive the frame assembled, but you will need to attach the bar and the accessories to it. 
  • The Napolie reformer is customizable, you will see different models, once you place your order, our production team will contact you to confirm the model and the design you want. 
  • The standard is short legs, if you want high legs please write notes during the checkout. 
  • If you want different colors, just write the color you want as a note during the checkout, and our design team will contact you after placing the order.  
  • The Napolie (Pilates Full Trapeze ) is "On Demand" Product (Please allow us 6 - 8 weeks to deliver this item* - Faster service is available with extra charge, please contact us for faster service).  

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This warranty becomes active on the invoice date of the initial purchase. Any parts that are repaired or replaced under the terms of this warranty will be covered for the remaining duration of the original warranty period.

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