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About PersonalHour

In 2019, PersonalHour was founded with a mission to empower you in achieving balance by providing affordable access to top-quality Pilates and yoga tools, supplies, and services in the US market.

Balance is the essence of life, encompassing both the positive and the challenging, the peaks and the valleys, and the intellect and the emotions. A great way to cultivate this equilibrium is by tending to both your body and mind.

By dedicating just one hour each week to a routine focused on balance, you'll soon reap the rewards. As your body becomes invigorated, your mind will follow suit, allowing you to unlock your fullest potential.

At PersonalHour, our objective is to simplify your shopping experience and provide valuable resources to support your journey toward balance.

Assuredly the Finest Deal in the US Market

In line with our mission to decentralize access to yoga and Pilates equipment, we collaborate with numerous suppliers, agents, and sources to consistently offer the best choices at the most competitive prices in the US market. We meticulously align our selections with market trends to provide you with the most favorable offers.

We Care! 

We curate and rigorously test our products and collections for trustworthiness. Our commitment to excellence means that we source our products from top-tier suppliers, ensuring that we offer nothing but the finest in the market.

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Why One Hour? 

Studies have shown that incorporating just one hour of yoga, Pilates, or meditation each week can make a significant difference in your physical and mental well-being. These practices have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve flexibility and strength, and increase focus and concentration.

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Pilates Machines Names 

The below machine names are related to PersonalHour pilates brand and only sold and distributed by PersonalHour or Betterfly LLC (Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart)

Le Palier Pilates Bed, Janet Pilates Reformer, Naopile Cadillac Reformer, Zous Foldable ReformerNour Wood Foldable Reformer, Nano Studio Pilates, Nano Advanced Refomer, TuT Metal Reformer, TuT Advanced Springs ReformerEtoile   

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