Nour - Wood Foldable Pilates Reformer Bundle

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Nour is one of our best choice of foldable pilates reformers, now it is available with fast shipping service limited time for free.

These home pilates reformers are built to last. 

Home Pilates reformer can increasing core strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance. 

Highlights of the Nour Pilates Reformers  

Two position head rest with removable shoulder blocks

Adjustable head rest with removable shoulder blocks, easily adapted to each user's needs.

Removable Foot bar with 5 different positions.

foot bar with 5 different positions.

Double Loops strap with bar strap

Two strap-equipped pulleys so you can grip with your hands or wrap around your ankles.

5 springs with multiple levels of resistance

- 2 red springs of strong intensity.

- 2 yellow springs of medium intensity.

- 1 green spring of light intensity.

Adjustable pulley rods

3 inch higher off the ground than the Standard Reformer. This pilates reformer has the perfect height for all training angles. Upgraded pulley rods for precise height change.

Long Reformer box

A comfortable way to perform exercises seated or lying on the Reformer, allowing greater range of motion for the torso, arms and legs.



Add cardio elements and sports performance training to your traditional Pilates workout.


More Details  

  • Nour Wooden Reformer 
  • Pilates is the ultimate studio grade pilates equipment for in-home use. Standing at studio height, it is equipped with various features commonly found in studio Pilates equipment, such as a secure locking foot-bar, a four-position gear bar that can be adjusted with one hand, one-touch rope adjustments, and a long box for added variety. Made with the finest materials, this Reformer promises exceptional performance for your at-home Pilates routine.
  • The practice of various movements on the equipment can help you achieve toning and slimming, keeping your arms, back, chest, abdomen, butt, and thighs in optimal condition. This pilates equipment is designed to target and improve different muscle groups, helping you reach your fitness goals. The position of the body is fundamental for a correct execution of the exercise in Pilates. Anything that moves, you can adjust on this reformer.
  • Five springs with multiple levels of resistance(3 variable intensity) can be adjusted to customize your routine and target different muscle groups, adding new layers of difficulty in Pilates movements. Upgraded pulley rods for quick and precise height change. Quick change foot bar with 5 different positions.
  • Foldable frame and built-in wheels: For homes or studios with limited space, this reformer stands out as the first foldable wood reformer on the market. This compact design can be placed in any corner of your home to save space. built-in wheels make it easy to move reformer around.

    Item Dimensions LxWxH 90 x 26 x 24 inches

    Item Weight: 99 lb  

    • Limited time offer, we will ship one jump board and box as a gift with the Nour foldable reformer. 
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