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The Janet 2.0 - Wood Foldable Pilates Reformer for Home Studio

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Introducing the upgraded version of The Janet reformers.

The Janet is our flagship Pilates reformer, meticulously designed to meet the need for a light, sturdy, elegant, functional, and budget-friendly Pilates reformer suitable for your home pilates or pilates studio.

The Main Highlights of The Janet Pilates Reformer 

Easy to store and move

The Janet pilates reformer is foldable, lighter weight 88 pounds, a lot easier to move with 8 wheels compare with similar ones in the market. 

Hand-finished maple wood

maple wood

The wood is crafted from solid natural maple wood and meticulously hand-finished to enhance its elegance and uniqueness.

6 Springs

The Janet, is the only home foldable pilates reformer comes with 6 springs, yet still not heavy to move. 

  • 2 Yellow Springs: Very Light Resistance (25 lb).
  • 2 Red Springs: Medium Resistance (35 lb).
  • 2 Green Springs: Heavy Resistance (50 lb).

Adjustable Footbar

Extend the footbar to suit your height. 

The Janet Reformer Foot Bar

Sturdy and Well Made

The reformer frame is solid white maple wood and the slide board moves smoothly on the carriage.

Soft Pilates Carriage Bed

The soft pilates carriage bed makes fitness comfortable. 

The Janet Reformer Cushion

Double Loop Straps

Sewed with super soft material inside the straps, which will let you exercise for hours without any irritation or blistering ,enjoy great freedom, providing you with a more comfortable using experience.


  • Size: 88 Inch X 23.5Inch.


  • Jump board.
  • Sitting box.
  • Padded foot cushion. 
  • 2 Shoulder rests.
  • Pair of Y shape (double loop handles) straps for arms and legs.
  • Pair of pulleys.
  • Pair of ropes.
  • Stoppers.

The standard box included with the foldable reformers is the TuT light box: Measurements: 14.5" W x 23" L x 9" H.
If you wish to customize the box, please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order.

the janet pilates reformer
Please note: In the new version, we have replaced the wooden poles with aluminum to be more durable.

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Is the Janet 2.0 available for purchase on Amazon? 

Yes, only one seller is authorized by PersonalHour to sell Janet 2.0 on Amazon. Please use this link only to purchase the Janet 2.0 from Amazon. There have been instances of counterfeit products being listed that are not associated with our brand and are of significantly lower quality. 

Where can I visit to test and view your Pilates equipment?

Our Ohio showroom is a humble space, and we kindly request you to reach out to us to schedule an appointment. (Location

What sets apart the Janet 2.0 from other home pilates reformers? 

The Janet 2.0 Pilates reformer stands out as a superior choice among all others in the market for several compelling reasons. Firstly, its innovative design incorporates eight wheels, four on each side, ensuring a smoother and more effortless folding and unfolding process compared to traditional reformers. Crafted from high-grade maple wood, it boasts exceptional durability while remaining surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to maneuver without sacrificing sturdiness. Featuring six springs and two levels of adjustments, the Janet 2.0 offers unparalleled versatility, catering to a wide range of fitness levels and exercise preferences. Moreover, the new version comes with expandable legs, providing added stability and adaptability to various workout environments. In essence, the Janet 2.0 Pilates reformer excels in both functionality and convenience, setting a new standard of excellence in the realm of Pilates equipment.

How long does it take to be delivered? 

The Janet 2.0 is an on-demand product by default (Please make sure to read and understand what is on-demand product before purchasing), requiring 4-6 weeks for production before shipping. We are committed to expediting the delivery of your reformer to you as swiftly as we can, however please allow us the proper time to deliver. 
We offer expedited production, 1 - 2 weeks instead of 4-6 weeks for extra fees. Add this service to your cart from here 
Standard delivery for Pilates Equipment is curtsied - as close to your entrance or garage as possible. For in-house delivery, please reach out to us within one week of placing the order to make arrangements. There is an additional charge of $199 per equipment for this service

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