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Step by step to install the Janet 2.0 pilates reformer with images

If you have received the Janet 2.0 reformer or Nano Pro reformer via UPS in an unassembled state, there's no need to worry. We have prepared a comprehensive, step-by-step installation guide that provides clear instructions, allowing you to easily assemble the reformer in just 30 minutes.

Prior to beginning: it's essential to emphasize that incorrect installations could result in an unstable reformer. Therefore, please ensure that all frame parts, including the pole, are securely in place before utilizing the reformer. This precaution is crucial for your safety and the optimal functionality of the equipment.

Please send email to incase you need any help  

Step 1: Check the parts. 


Step 2: Install the frame 

To install the frame, allocate these 2 connectors  

Make sure they are in this position 

Allocate the 4 screws on each side of the frames parts 

Use Allen key to remove the screws 

Attach the connectors as the image below.

Repeat this for all the 4 sides. 

Ensure that they are adequately tightened.

Step 3: Install the legs. 

Allocate the 6 legs and 6 long screws.

Note: There are 8 positions available for the legs, with 4 in the middle. Generally, two middle legs should suffice. However, if you require additional support, simply send us a request, and we'll accommodate your needs accordingly.

Insert the screw from the top hole. 

Allocate the legs holes from the frame 

Use insert the legs into the frame holes as the image below. 

Make sure it is secure and tight enough 

Repeat for the whole 6 legs. 

Step 4: Install the foot bar. 

First allocate the long padded pole and the two foot bar handles as below  

Then remove the screws from the foot bar pole 

Use them to attach the handles 

Repeat for two sides. 

 Step 5: Attach the foot-bar to the frame 


Repeat for 2 sides. 

Step 6: Install the wheels  

Find the wheels screws in the edges of the frames 

Remove the screws

Use them to attach the wheels as the below image  

Repeat that for the 4 sides. 

Step 7: Install the middle pole. 

This step is crucial; failing to install this pole will result in an unstable reformer.

Allocate the shorter pole 

Remove the screws 

And attach it to the frames connectors as the below image 


Step 8: Install the shoulder rest 

Repeat for 2 sides 

Step 9: Install the pulley tower 

Allocate the tower holes 

Insert the tower poles 

Use the below screws to secure it 

Repeat for both sides  

Note: for some versions instead of these screws you will get eye hocks