Zen and Yoga Ergonomic Chair - Meditation Seat - Foam Cushion

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The beautiful finished hand crafted Meditation Seat provides you with ergonomics and support to your body in the Lower Back Column - Ischial Junction Node - knees - instep - feet. Just seat and allow, there is no need for you to use muscle tension to hold your body in a particular position - this Meditation Seat does it all for you, just let the seat hold you.

  • Body Supports: Lower Back Column - Ischial Junction Node - knees - instep - feet
  • Seat Support: Internal Metallic Skeleton Structured
  • Cushion: Neoprene foam - Total weight - Aprox. 15.00 lbs
  • Seat Dimensions: L 26" x W 32" 1/2 x H 11" ½.
  • Cleaning and Product Caring: Only Leather Cleaning Products or Professional Leather Service.Cushion Cover: Fabric (Care & Cleaning, dry cleaning product or Dry Cleaning Professional Service)