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Yoga Stretching Rope Bundle - Pilates Loops with Yoga Mat and Pilates Box - 3 Items Bundle

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Using yoga loops should help you to increase flexibility, range of motion and total-body strength. And  it is ideal for stretching out pre or post workout to help soothe and stretch out sore and tight muscles. Also great for physical therapy and rehabilitation and light resistance workouts.

Main Highlights of the Yoga Stretching Rope  

  • FOOT STRAP AND LOOP HANDLES: Stretch out strap includes a loop at each end of the rope for comfortable hand positioning and a strap in the middle for secure foot placement
  • HEAVY-DUTY ROPE: Stretching rope is constructed of a high-quality, durable intertwined nylon rope
  • MASSAGE GUIDE INCLUDED: An exercise/massage guide is included to help you get rolling!

Main Pilates Mat Highlights

  • Rubber form material textured non-slip bottom of yoga mat
  • Suede surface fibers comfortable touch and better water oil absorption
  • Add washing liquid into water and washing by hands, roll it up completely dry
  • Great for studio or home or outside picnic ,easy use less than 3 mm
  • Quote: "Live a life that is well balanced; don't do things in excess."

Main Pilates Sitting Box Highlights

  • This foam block is an amazing piece of equipment to use for both floor exercises and mat work. It is ideal to use for abdominal and other strengthening exercises too.
  • This foam box weighs only 0.95 lbs. (0.5 kg). It measures 6" H x 9.5" W x 15.5" L at the base and tapers to 9" W x 15" L at the top, making it easy to move.

  • Quality inspection before shipping
  • Warranty included
  • Support included