Yoga Bolster Waist Pillow

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  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: We provide 4 training methods, you can also decide how to exercise by yourself. The convenient pillow-shaped handle of the Memory Foam Yoga Pillow makes it a practical yoga accessory.
  • EXCELLENT SUPPORT: The yoga mat pillow provides excellent support and provides ultimate firmness and comfort while stretching. This yoga mat is perfect for use in yoga studios, spas, gyms and schools.
  • MATERIAL USED: The mesh material of the yoga pillow is very breathable during use, which is also conducive to ventilation and drying. Yoga pillows are made of healthy and safe materials, non-toxic, and can be used with confidence.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES: Yoga lumbar pillow can be used in various scenarios to relieve lumbar fatigue, exercise to relieve backache, correct lumbar and pelvic tilt and other problems.
  • PRECAUTIONS: Do not do it on a soft bed, please do it on a thin cushion or floor. Also, the position of the pelvic pillow can easily shift when working on a smooth floor. At this time, please fix the pelvic pillow with your hands first, and then lie down slowly.
Package List: 1 x Yoga Waist Pillow Note: Can't do it on a soft bed! Please do it on a thin mat or floor. Please place the pelvis pillow on a soft bed or quilt and when you lie on it, the pelvis pillow will sink down completely, which greatly reduces the effect. Therefore, be sure to do it on a hard floor or a thin cushion, even if you lie on the pelvis pillow, it will not sink. In addition, when working on a smooth floor, the position of the pelvis pillow is easy to deviate. At this time, please fix the pelvis pillow with your hands first, and then slowly lie down.