Comfy and fashionable long session meditation Cushions

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Just like you need a proper bed for a good night's sleep, a high-quality meditation cushion is a must if you want to establish a consistent practice. This is comfy and fashionable meditation cushions for long zen sessions, it can help you relax.

Shipped with its own filling, this floor pillow is as comfy as it is stylish. 


More about these meditation cushions 

.: 100% polyester
.: 100% polyester filling
.: Sewn seam closure
.: Double-sided print
.: Comes in 2 sizes

Do I need meditation cushion?

If you've ever had pins-and-needles in your feet or an achy back while meditating, you need to prop yourself up with cushions. In fact, unless you're in the . 01% of people who are comfortable sitting in lotus on the floor with no back support, cushions should be part of your meditation ritual.