Pilates Accessories - Pilates Core Bed Reformer Sitting Box - Lite TuT Box

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Premium pilates sitting box, that can be used as stand alone pilates equipment for home workout, or with your pilates reformer.  

A sitting box opens up a whole new realm of reformer workouts, including prone exercises, abdominal strength exercises, side stretching and more. Sitting Boxes also offer a more comfortable option for many seated exercises.

Key Features 
  • Material: Wood, Quality PU Leather and EVA Foam.
  • Easy to carry: Lite and solid large pilates sitting box
  • Comes with pilates cords
  • Can be used with smaller sizes reformers like the TuT and TuT advanced Pilates reformers
  • Measurements: 14.5" W x 23" L x 9" H.

LimitedTime: 1 Month Unlimited Access Certificates On-Demand Pilates Classes 

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