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Yoga Ball Pilates Fitness Balance Ball Gymnastic Exercise and Fitness

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A very high quality and thick PVC yoga ball 
Style: Round
Size: 65cm/26 in 

Introduction to Using an Exercise Ball

As an introduction to exercising on the ball, it is often recommended that one simply sit on one for 30 minutes a day and bounce lightly, continually finding and maintaining balance on the ball.

Another recommended first step on the exercise ball is to find a neutral (lordotic) lumbar spine position.

  • Slouch slightly on the exercise ball, rounding the lower and upper back
  • Begin bouncing lightly on the exercise ball
  • Allow the body to automatically find the straightened posture, which promotes staying balanced while continuing to bounce on the exercise ball

This balanced position on the exercise ball is also referred to as the center of gravity, where the upper body is balanced on a stable pelvic base. Even a slight change in this neutral posture position will change the center of gravity and require a correction to stay on the exercise ball. The stomach muscles are required to work the entire time to keep this balanced, neutral posture.


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