Pilates Chair- Foldable Handles Combo Chair

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The Pilates chair is a particularly useful piece of apparatus. It provides the perfect environment for people to practice movements in standing. This makes the chair a very functional piece of equipment.

It is very effective for building arm and leg strength. For this reason, the chair can be used to improve sports performance in footballers, skiers and runners. It is also great for supporting sports that require upper body strength and mobility, such as tennis and golf.

How does it work?
The chair is great for standing or seated work.

It can also work for exercises that are performed on both your front and back, like the spine extension movement called “swan.”

Because of the small surface area, chair exercises can be pretty difficult. The chair is also compact and can easily be pushed up against the trapeze table to make exercises such as “swan” more achievable.

The Pilates chair allows for more creativity than some of the other machines. It can be used from positions both in front of the pedal or from seated positions with the pedal behind you. 

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