Sandy Pilates Bed Machine White Aluminum Reformer

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Sandy reformer is equivalent with the highest quality and finest materials in the pilates industry, Sandy reformers are crafted with accuracy and precision. Sleek and aesthetically pleasing, our versatile and durable equipment is designed for absolute safety and effectiveness.


Main Highlights of Sandy Reformers 

1. The leather is made of pure sponge soft material with a thickness of 1mm (0.03").
2. More firm that is adopting stable and balanced design, no noise and shaking during work.
3. The rope is made of nylon rope with a diameter of 1 cm (0.4"), and the clasp is made of 304 stainless steel.
4. The steel plate long tail is made of stainless steel, the spring diameter is 2 cm(0.8"), anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and no rust
5. The overall appearance is not bumpy.  

Reformers Sandy Pilates

1- Optional soft and hard pedal.
2- Special leather.
3- High quality ropes.
4-Removable rope poles.
5-Imported European springs.
6- Alloy bed frame.
7-Safety buckles.

5 springs (2 red, 2 yellow and one green)


Hight: 10.6" 


Length: 94.5" 


This is "On Demand" Product. 

(Please allow us 3 - 9 weeks to deliver this item* - Faster service is available with extra charge, please contact us for faster service).  

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