Pilates Oov- Yoga Pilates Dolphin Spinal Balance Core

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The Pilates Oov ( Dolphin Spinal Balance Core ) is a tool, made out of durable foam, that allows you to find new strategies to control your movement by challenging your balance and stability. The curves of the Oov are designed to lengthen the spine and to destabilize the body; it puts the body in a position where it is never at rest.


Dolphin Spinal Balance Core Specifications  

Size S: height below 1.7m, weight below 55 kgs

Weight: 1.2kgs, packing size :63*17* 25.5cm

Size M: 1.7-1.8m height, 55-77 kgs weight

Weight: 1.6kgs, packing size :67*19* 27.5cm