pilates grip socks - non slip yoga socks

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These pilates grip socks, also known as barre, ballet, and yoga socks, they are non-slip silicone grips. These Non-slip socks for pilates come in a few cute styles like Mary Jane, criss-cross straps, and traditional no-show socks some even have functional cooling mesh and fashion-forward glitter accents. 

Do you need pilates grip socks in yoga studio?

While a number of us would rather be barefoot in Pilates or yoga class, many studios require you to wear socks while working out. That's why you'll need to grab a pair of grippy socks. Specifically made for sneaker-less activities, these socks feature tiny rubber grips on the bottom to give you the traction you need.

About these pilates grip socks

  • Can Guarantee That The Overall Style Displayed In The Photography Is Accurate, However There May Be Differences In How The Style Appears During Wear. This Depends On Other Physical Variables, E.g. Personal Body Size, Body Shape, Limb Proportion, Height, Etc.
  • What You Get:1pc non slip yoga Socks
  • Size: One Size Fits All (35-40)