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Compare between home foldable pilates reformers

If you are not sure which pilates reformer you want to purchase from the home foldable reformers, please use the table below to compare between PersonalHour most popular reformers.  

With notes below: 

  • The most recent model is Zous 2.0 
  • The maple wood is Nano Pro 
  • The only reformer than can expand the legs to extra 3" is Zous 2.0 
  • The lightest refomer is Luna Le Palier 
  • The only reformer that comes with full edu system system for free is Zous 
Zous Advanced Nano Foldable Pilates Zous Reformer Foldable reformer
Zous 2.0 Nano Maplewood Zous standard Le Palier Bundle
Frame Solid Enhanced Oak Wood Maple Wood Very Durable Beach light wood Metal
Size - unfolded  101" 93" 90" 97"
Foot-Pad Enhanced for Lagree and Pilates Padded movable wood foot pad Padded movable wood foot pad Stable foot pad
Foldable experience Easy Easy Fair Fair
Pilates Box Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pilates JumpBoard Yes Yes Yes No
Number of springs 5 6 5 5
Pilates videos on-demand access 1 Month 1 Month 3 Months 3 Months
Legs can be expandable ? Yes - Extra 3" No No No
Can add Add soft bouncer" Cardio Trampoline" Yes No Yes Yes