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Cadillac Pilates Reformers

Know More About Cadillac Pilates Reformers

What is Cadillac  The Cadillac is a specialized piece of Pilates equipment that enables users to tone almost every muscle...

Pilates Reformers

Pilates Reformers FAQs

What is a Pilates Reformer?A Pilates Reformer is a piece of exercise equipment designed for Pilates workouts. It consists of...

Pilates Principles

The Main Two Principles of Pilates - Control and Breathing

While Joseph Pilates indicates an exact breathing pattern for each exercise in his book on mat exercises, he was not...

Pilates History

The Story of The Pilates

Pilates invited by a person called Joseph Pilates. The first pilates studio was in New York. And one of Joseph's...

How to clean your pilates studio

How To Clean Pilates Reformer Equipments

Easy steps and recommendations how to clean your pilates equipments and how to maintain the studio hygiene.   

How to get ready for pilates - Pilates 101 guide for beginners

How to Get Ready for Pilates

Pilates is a convenient and affordable way to begin exercising. You don't need fancy equipment at the beginning, and all...

Benefits of Practicing Yoga, Pilates or Meditation

Benefits of Practicing Yoga, Pilates or Meditation

Yoga, Pilates, and meditation are all practices that can have numerous physical and mental health benefits. Some potential benefits of...

Lagree fitness and pilates

Lagree fitness and pilates

Lagree and traditional Pilates are both popular exercise methods that focus on building core strength, improving flexibility, and enhancing overall...


How to install pilates reformers at home

We usually ship our pilates reformers ready with minimum required installation steps   Step 1: Unpack and check if all accessories...

pilates reformer benefits

Know More About Pilates Reformer (What is Pilates Reformer and What are the Benefits of Pilates Reformer)

Regular reformer pilates exercises will lead to greater strength, flexibility and balance, which in turn improve posture, movement and mental...

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  • $00 Product Title 3 colors
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