Yoga Blocks - recycled EVA foam yoga block

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Recycled Foam Yoga Block consisting of recycled EVA foam, this lightweight yoga block provides unbeatable comfort, style and support.

The features of these yoga blocks 

  • Rectangular yoga block.
  • Multicolors - please select the color
  • High density, extreme durability, and firm support.
  • Offers support and stability during poses.
  • Soft, comfortable grip is slip-resistant.
  • Contains a 50-75% recycled EVA foam.
  • Radius edges enhance comfort and beauty.
  • Personal Hour Logo to show the balance. 

Personal Hour note about using yoga blocks 

The block shortens the distance between the hand and the supporting surface (in a sense, it lifts up the floor to meet your hand), making it easier to lift your torso, expand through the chest and keep your upper body in alignment without collapsing into the side body