Round Swing Nordic Zen Garden Hanging Hammock

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Macrame round swing features Our swing is knitted from thick cotton rope with macrame knitting. Adults and children can use it easily. It is a 100% original calligraphy product. It is 100% hand knit. 100% cotton thread is used. Its dimensions are suitable for use on the balcony or in your garden at home. The ropes are strong and durable, you can use them for many years. Doesn't yawn.

Macrame round swing dimensions Width: 75 cm Height: 160 cm Diameter: 75 cm Carrying capacity: 120kg

What comes next to the swing

1. Steel dowel

2. Hanging chain

3. Carabiner Macrame round swing installation Round swing installation is quite simple.

First, it is 10cm to the ceiling wall of your house with a 14 gauge drill bit. you need to drill a deep hole, then drive the steel dowel next to our swing into this hole and tighten the nut on the steel dowel well. You can use the swing.