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Himalaya Meditation Chair with Back and Leg Support - Zen Decor Ideas

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  • CURVED SEAT-BACK: In an upright position (optimal for meditation) our backs can only be supported at the base (sacrum) where the spine curves inwards. After extensive testing the designers of the Himalaya chair found the perfect curvature for the seat-back to cradle the sacrum in an upright position, allowing the back muscles to relax, effortlessly maintaining a straight back posture. Users report their back feels as if they were standing. No back pain even when meditating for long periods.
  • EXTRA WIDE SEAT: You may have noticed, when sitting cross legged on a meditation pillow, that your knees are far apart and only a small part of the thighs rest on the pillow. The weight of the unsupported part of the legs then creates upward pressure into the hip joints and stress on the knees and ankles. The extra wide seat of the Himalaya chair supports the thighs when sitting cross legged, eliminating strain and pain in these joints.
  • ELEVATED SEAT: The slightly forward sloping seat is elevated to where the hips end up higher than the knees (ideal) and the lower legs can relaxedly “fall” off the seat without any tension in the knee or hip joints. These improved ergonomics also allow for normal circulation. No more pins and needles!
  • ANGLED FOOT REST: When sitting on a meditation pillow or most other meditation chairs, the ankles end up awkwardly twisted with the weight of the lower legs bearing down on them. The padded foot rest of the Himalaya chair lets the feet and ankles rest at the same angle as the lower legs in total comfort.
  • HIGH RESILIENCE FOAM: The seat and foot rest are covered in high resilience NBR foam. The same foam that most yoga and exercise mats are made from but a full inch thick. Easily cleanable with a damp rag. The cushion is firm enough to provide good support, yet soft enough for premium comfort.
  • ELEGANT CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: The Himalaya chair is made of wood. It is expertly crafted from 3/4 inch solid Birch plywood with a durable finish for many years of trouble-free use. With its many subtle angles this eminently practical chair sports an eye pleasing contemporary look that will complement any home or office environment.
  • CARRY HANDLE: Easily carry the Himalaya chair in one hand, taking it to and from the car when going to group practice or meditation retreats.

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