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What is the difference between the Janet, Nano, Nour and the Zous 2.0 foldable pilates reformers

Introducing our distinctive home reformers:

1- The "Janet" stands as our elegant signature model, expertly crafted from exquisite maple wood and impeccably finished for lasting durability. Measuring an impressive 92 inches in full length, the latest version even features extendable legs for added versatility.

2- Meet the "Nour," a testament to durability with its oak natural wood construction and appealing design. Though lacking extendable legs, it matches the Janet's 92-inch full length.

3- For those seeking the latest innovation, the "Zous 2.0" emerges as the pinnacle of foldable reformers. Crafted from oak natural wood, it seamlessly caters to both Lagree and Pilates enthusiasts. What sets it apart are the expandable legs and an extended full length of 101 inches.

4- The "Nano" shares a design and wood type reminiscent of the Janet. However, it distinguishes itself with hand-finished maple wood and is equipped with 6 springs.

5- If you're in search of an economical yet professional-grade spring-loaded reformer, consider the Luna Le Palier. It combines affordability, a lightweight design, and robust construction, making it an excellent choice for your budget-conscious needs.

All the Nour, Nano and the Janet offer the convenience of easy folding, thanks to their 8 wheels for effortless mobility. In contrast, the Zous 2.0 is equipped with only 2 wheels.

In summary, the Janet boasts top-notch materials and finishes, the Zous 2.0 leads in length and weight, and the Nour combines durability with an elegant design and it is more affordable.