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How to pick the right home pilates reformer

Most people think that Pilates is a difficult exercise routine to follow, and something that should only be done a few times per week. The truth is, you can actually do Pilates every day without any problems! 

Adding Pilates into your regular daily workout routine will help you improve your strength, stretch, stamina, and stability.
The reformer is versatile enough to give you a whole-body workout in less than an hour without missing those hard-to-reach areas and giving you the stretch you're looking for.

Now the question, how to pick the right home pilates reformer? 

When you you want to choose the reformer for home, the first question you ask yourself, do you have space?
The good news is, you don't have to have space to own a reformer at home!

We have designed and brought to you a variety of studio quality foldable reformers, that are easy to fold and store.  

We will spend some time to compare between the foldable reformers. If you have space, you can go with one of the studio reformers

Foldable reformers also come in different shapes and models and with many options.  

We have picked our top selling foldable pilates reformers, to allow you to compare and have a better decision before purchasing. 

In the table below we are comparing between the most durable, recorded positive feedback and recommended reformers

1- Zous 2.0

2- Nano Maplewood

3- Zous Standard

4- Le Palier 

How to pick the right home pilates reformer