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What is the difference between the Zous 2.0. the Janet 2.0 and the Nour Advanced?

While all of our foldable reformers boast durability, smooth movement, and are excellent options for home use, there are some distinctions between them:

1- The Zous 2.0 stands out as the tallest reformer in our collection, measuring 101 inches in length, whereas both Nour and Janet are around 90 inches long.

2- Crafted from maple wood, the Janet 2.0 boasts superior strength, while Nour and Zous are constructed from oak wood. Maple wood is renowned for its durability.

3- Both the Janet and Nour feature 8 wheels for easy maneuverability and transport, making them simpler to fold compared to the Zous.

4 -The Janet is engineered to be lightweight, facilitating easier movement.

5- Notably, the Zous 2.0 is unique with its expandable legs, a feature exclusive to it.

In summary:

1- Zous 2.0 is ideal for taller individuals.
2- Janet is the optimal choice for easy folding and durability.
3- Nour offers cost-effectiveness, simple folding, and excellent value