On-Demand Order Timeline (pilates equipment)

Thank you for ordering from PersonalHour an on-demand pilates equipment.  

Having on-demand equipments helped us to source for you better value with competitive prices. 

To set the right expectations, total estimated delivery from placing the order until it will be delivered to your door is ( 4 - 10 Weeks) depending on the requested customizations. 

The expected timeline for your order is as below: 

  • Phase 1: Payments confirmation: 24 - 48 hours of placing the order 
  • Phase 2: Production schedule start date: 1 - 2 weeks of payment confirmation 
  • Phase 3: Production completion: 2 - 3 weeks of production start date 
  • Phase 4: Shipped to the sorting and distribution center: 1 - 2 weeks of production complete. 
  • Phase 5: Last mile delivery arrangements: 1 week after arriving at the distribution center. 
  • Phase 6: Final delivery: 1 week of last mile delivery arrangements


  • Tracking will be provided only during the last 2 steps. 
  • Please make sure your shipping address includes a phone number to arrange the last mile delivery with you. 
  • Please contact us if your item is delayed more than 10 weeks.