Lagree fitness and pilates

What is Lagree Fitness 

Lagree Fitness is high intensity, low impact training that will change your body and is a safer alternative to crossfit


Lagree method focuses on slow, controlled motion and uses complex movements that target multiple muscle groups in each exercise.  

It applies techniques used in other types of resistance training such as weightlifting and normal pilates; utilizing a combination of body weight and resistance to allow a full body workout that improves strength, definition, endurance, flexibility and balance.

Lagree is a multi-faceted workout that combines resistance training and cardio into one comprehensive, balanced system to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body.

Balance is created by applying equal focus to all elements of exercise and never prioritizing one facet over another. Form and proper alignment is paramount and should always prevail over intensity. 

Varying degrees of spring-based tension allows the Megaformer to adjust to the user during use. This immediate adaptability creates a tailored experience that is unique to the student. Because of this, Lagree is the ideal method for all ages and fitness levels.

Lagree VS Pilates 

Pilates and Lagree Fitness are both excellent forms of exercise. They are both safe and proven ways to improve your core strength, flexibility, balance, and muscle tone. That said, Lagree fitness simply provides better results when it comes to fat loss, cardiovascular endurance, muscle definition and strength.

A main advantage to Lagree Fitness if done correctly, can really get your heart pumping in a way that pilates can’t. The key is always slow, controlled movements and continuous tension in the body for the duration of class. There are a number of benefits to high-intensity workouts including more fat loss and lower blood pressure.

Although Lagree is a more intense workout, it’s also highly effective in assisting students with injuries. This is because a much wider variety of moves are available to a user on a Megaformer, allowing you to target specific muscle groups, strengthening tiny muscles surrounding the injury and avoiding further straining injured areas.

Shop Pilates Reformers to Practice Lagree

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