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Cadillac Pilates Reformers

Know More About Cadillac Pilates Reformers

What is Cadillac 

The Cadillac is a specialized piece of Pilates equipment that enables users to tone almost every muscle group in their bodies. It involves working various muscle groups with challenging poses and light resistance.

The Name Cadillac 

Named for the American automobile brand that represented “the best of everything” during the 1950s and 60s, the Cadillac is the largest of the Pilates apparatuses. 

How Cadillac is Different than the Standard Reformer 

The primary difference between the conventional reformer and the Cadillac Reformer is the addition of horizontal and vertical bars above the table. These bars transform Pilates into a three-dimensional exercise routine you perform up in the air

What is Cadillac Ideal For 

The Pilates Cadillac is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. It can be used by people of all abilities. It also offers a huge number of exercises. This means that a person can challenge themselves, develop their abilities, and strengthen all parts of their body. 

The Cadillac allows people to attempt a huge variety of movements, with different levels of resistance thanks to the springs. This helps to build strength in the body, develop lean muscles and increase flexibility.

A person can also enjoy improved blood flow and circulation as a result of exercise. For more advanced practitioners, they can use the Trapeze element of the Cadillac to practice inversions. These can also improve cardiovascular health. 

The Cadillac is ideal for students recovering from injuries or those with balance challenges or vertigo. It brings the mat to the student. Increased variability of movements and resistance allows you to grow in your practice and build strength and flexibility.

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