Pilates Balance Pad- Balancing Foam Pad - Large Yoga Foam - Meditation Cushion

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The pilates balance pad provides a moderately unstable surface, which effectively improves balance, coordination and strength. Easily integrating into any workout routine, physical therapy or rehabilitation program, the balance pad provides a safe, destabilized surface to improve overall balance and increase core strength. big and thick double pads that give you far more versatility and flexibility for Yoga, physical therapy, workouts, exercise, or just a great seating pad. 

Product Highlights 

  • Nonslip: Embossed grooving on both sides of the pad help to maintain a secure grip during use.
  • Quality Foam: Our propriety blend of closed cell TPE and EVA foam is non-toxic, eco-friendly, moisture proof,, helping to avoid odor from penetrating thru the surface. The foam is durable to prevent rips and tearing, yet lightweight ,so you can easily take it with you to and from home to workouts.
  • Materials: Resilient, closed-cell foam is tear-resistant, safely supporting up to 300 pounds. The thick, latex-free 2.5” foam balance pad is also water-resistant, repelling sweat. Easily clean the balance pad with a damp cloth and mild detergent before drying with a lint-free cloth.

Usage Tips: 

Place these side by side, end to end at 90 degrees for an extra long pad, or place one on top the other for a super cushioning 5 full inches of foam padding.

Firmly hold these 2 cushions together to act as a single traditional cushion.

Easy to connect and just as fast to disconnect.