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Neck Stretcher Airbag Cervical Neck Traction Device - Neck Yoga

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Traction stretching : Balanced stress, stretching the cervical spine rhythmic, feel the free stretching of the cervical spine, soothing decompression

Intelligent 3D airbag massage: Use surround airbag design to wrap the neck to make the massage softer and more comfortable

Multi -frequency vibration massage occupant:Five gear vibrations, the vibration strength is suitable for a variety of people, as if in a cloud -like relaxation experience

42 °C constant temperature hot compress: the temperature of the five gear can be adjusted, hot compress cervical spine, drive away the wetness and cold of the neck, easily soothe neck stiffness and soreness.

Intelligent timing massage: timing divided into three time periods, 20 minutes by default, overheating automatic power off

Seven massage modes: Imitate human massage, each mode of different massage experience, deep -level soothing pressure

The Difference Between Type A, Type B and Type C:

Type A(Manual):Dynamic traction

Note: This one is manual, no plug -in, so there are no functions such as heating and selection mode

Type B(Heating):

1. One-button start

2. Dynamic traction

3. Adjustable five -gear strength

4. 4 major function buttons

5. 50 ℃ constant temperature hot compress (Only one gear)

6. Automatic massage mode

Type C(Heating+Massage):

1. One-button start

2. Dynamic traction

3. Adjustable five -gear strength

4. 6 major function buttons

5. Adjustable 5 gear temperature(42°C-50°C)

6. 7 massage modes

7. Intelligent timing

8. Adjustable 5-gear vibration intensity

Note:  Type B and Type C are needed to plug in a power when used

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