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Meditation Gift - Tree of the life - Metal Yoga and Zen Sign

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What does the Tree of Life mean in yoga?
The deeper we delve into the history of the world, its people, cultures and traditions, the Tree of Life symbolises that we are all just one extended family. Meaning. Connection, Strength: The tree is a symbol of growth, strength and interconnectedness of all life on the planet.

Elevate your home, class or practice area with a beautiful metal modern yoga sign. Made with 18 guage steel and powder coated in your choice of 5 colors, this sign is built to withstand the elements for years of enjoyment. 

Why to add some decorative yoga symbols to your space?
Yoga symbols are a significant part of yoga traditions, and he deeper meanings of these ancient sacred symbols must be explored; this will allow for a more holistic yoga journey.
Yoga symbols and decor help to express the love and dedication to yoga.
Symbols allow one to cultivate a deeper knowledge of yogic philosophies.

Through symbols, one can gain insight into various teachings and mythologies. They are a powerful tool for understanding. And they can deepen your yoga practice.

Yogic symbols convey a visual concept. They can embody a teaching or spiritual idea. Using these concepts will enhance your yoga or meditation practice.

They can focus the mind and induce a state of contemplation and absorption.

• 18 Gauge Steel
• 5 Color Options (Black, Red, White, Copper, Silver)
• 6 Sizes - 36", 30", 24", 18", 14", 12" *Selected size is based on the maximum height or width of the sign depending on physical orientation
• Mounting Hardware Not Included

  • Quality inspection before shipping
  • Warranty included
  • Support included