Cotton and Linen White Blue Hanfu Sets Kung Fu Chinese Suit Women Traditional Tang Han Fu Tops + Long Pants Tea Art Yoga Clothes

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These Hanfu Sets are the premium choice to wear as Zen clothes during meditation. The cotton material will make it soft, breathable and comfy. These Kung Fu Chinese Suit  are also good for everyday life.   

About this Kung Fu Chinese Clothes

  • Include : tops + pants
  • Material:Cotton Linen
  • Condition: New.

Notes from Personal Hour about wearing Kung Fu Chinese Suit clothes to Zen sessions 

Tai Chi clothes usually are. lose and comfy, they are designed to be breathable and easy to dry. When you're meditating, it's best to wear loose clothing like Tai Chi so you'll be comfortable. Avoid anything restricting, especially around your chest or abdomen, because you want to be able to take deep breaths in and out. Also, consider whether you'll be hot or cold, and dress appropriately.