Two Weeks After the COVID 19 Lockdown – The Positives and Opportunities.

Stay At Home

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

― Roy T. Bennett

The whole planet is passing through unordinary days. COVID19 is forcing us to change our normal routine. 

These days are reminding me of similar lockdown situation that happened 30 years ago. I was fortunate to witness harmful war and to stay alive.

Even if my childhood lockdown (happened when I was the age of my daughters “10 years old”) was hard and dangerous time; My memories about it are good and positive. These memories are fading by time, because I didn’t have the chance to keep enough photos or stories anywhere.  

So here we are, going through un-normal days, that may become our new normal or our new comfort zone.

Trying to avoid the social media MEMES and uncertain news as most of these MEMES and news are reflecting social problems and giving us negative and bad energy.

Even if the fact of Corona Virus is scary and it is impacting all the world economy, lives and health and it is definitely not positive situation. However here I want to share the positive and opportunities of staying at home, not discussing the situation of having small creature that is controlling us.


My 10 years old twins daughters are in fourth grade. They got the opportunity to to try the e-learning, where they are responsible to read daily emails, manage their time and do whatever the teacher is asking them to do. This is giving them the chance to be more responsible about their duties and for them it is fun and new experience to explore.

E-School – Dublin, Ohio #theDublinDifference

Working from Home

Me and my husband are lucky enough to be working in (IT) technology industry, where most of our duties can be done online. Staying at home while working is a big plus. 

We had to add extra work places to our home, and our home looks like a working place rather than living house. It is good as we got to spend more time together by taking our breaks together, and now we eat three home made meals during our working hours, and I don’t have to stay at the same desk most of the time as we switch desks, and sometimes we work from our community club house. 

Working from home to me is more fun, and productive, but the most important thing here is; I can stay close to my daughters while working, which built better connection between us. 

Home Working Places
Workout while working

Homemade Meals 

Staying at home most of the time, no restaurants are open, gave us the chance to cook better and make some of the dishes that we can’t make coming back from work after 6 pm every day. 

Homemade Vegan / Ask me for the recipe
Homemade Vegan / Ask me for the recipes

Art and Hobbies

Staying at home is giving us the opportunity to have more fun activities that we won’t have enough time to do during the normal days. 

Nails art is one of my hobbies. And my daughters love to practice drawing, painting, writing stories and creating animated videos. All these hobbies are filling the extra time, and giving them bigger opportunity to grow these skills. 

Rock Painting
This video is created by Sandy (My Daughter) during the lockdown

Family Fun

During staying at home, we got better chance to play as family, we play family games like clue, googly eyes, riddles and heads-up. 

Playing family games built better family connection and it is much fun. 

Other New Activities 

The lockdown purpose is to be safe by not getting or carrying the virus. Walking around the house, going to grocery shopping, buying food from food trucks while being so careful won’t harm.

But even it is giving me the opportunity to explain to my daughters how to be careful and why, it will protect them not only from COVID 19, but it is developing better hygiene routine. 

Family Fun

I am lucky to have great family, good and flexible job, living in a good neighborhood, all these made it more positive to me staying at home during the COVID 19 crisis. But I am sure, that if you want find the positives and opportunities out of this crisis, you will. 

Share your positive experience to me and I will add them to the page. 

Happy Spring
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