TuT Enhanced Two in One Springs and Cords Foldable Pilates Reformer Machine With Pilates Box

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This is the new TuT reformer that is enhanced modern design. It is the only reformer that comes with springs and cords at the same time. 

The main design comes with 5 springs, plus extra 5 cords that can be used instead of the springs when needed or mix and match for better performance

TuT is all-in-one reformer ideal for strengthening the entire body, burning fat, toning major muscle groups, and achieving the physique you desire. The new metal pilates yoga bed, is brought to you with premium features to allow you to perform yoga daily easily. 

TuT Enhanced Pilates Foldable Springs Refomer Highlights 

  • Breathable leather: The soft bag is made of high quality leather, which is comfortable and soft to touch. It is breathable and sweat resistant.
Breathable Reformer
  • Strong steel frame: Stronger load-bearing performance and anti-oxidation stable and reliable, not easy to deform.
  • High strong and easy to adjust 5 springs, plus 5 cords replacements. 

  • 3 speed adjustable rope set.
  • Easily foldable for storage: This compact design can be placed in any corner of your home to save space. built-in wheels make it easy to move reformer around.
  • Four High end configurations.
  • Weight: 75 LB 
  • Size: 197*57*72.5cm = 77.5" * 29.5" * 28.5" 
  • Weight capacity is 350 lbs, height is 4' to 6'3" feet .If you just want a reformer for basic exercises, this one will give you as good a workout. Also recommend for those who want to continue to practice Pilates at home in between studio visits
  • Adapter System: the position of the body is fundamental for a correct execution of the exercise in Pilates. Anything that moves, you can adjust on the reformer.

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TuT Advanced Springs Pilates Benefits

  • Improves your overall strength particularly around the core, back, glutes and thighs

  • Improves flexibility of your body.

  • Improves your body balance. 

  • Improves the ability to focus.

  • Improves coordination.

  • Improves your back and posture.

  • Improves body alignment.

  • Lowers blood pressure.

  • Improves cardiovascular health.

  • Can ease lower back pain, as it focuses on stabilizing the spinal muscles.

  • Can aid weight loss, when teamed with balanced nutrition.

“Pilates is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control of your body.”

(Joseph Pilates)

Pilates can lead to a healthy body, but it also helps you master your mind. Focusing on this as well as your fitness leads to an overall strength that’s unique to Pilates.


  • The TuT advanced will come with pilates box as a gift. 
  • This is "On Demand" Product.  (Can take 3 - 5 weeks to arrive). 
  • You can choose any leather color, write a note during the checkout and we can contact you to make sure you will get the color you want
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