Three in one sliding pilates ladder and tower - premium yoga and pilates reformer

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 Made from premium maple wood and best quality strings, this new innovation three in one sliding pilates ladder and tower. 

Perform multiple exercises in one machine.     

Specifications of this sliding ladder pilates reformer 

  • Dimensions : [184 cm X 98 cm X 236 cm] = [ 72.5" X 38.5" X 92.9"].
  • Weight: 90 KG = 198.4 LB.
  • Wood: Maple Wood.   
  • Number of springs: 6 Springs. 


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Why to use pilates ladder? 

Not only does the apparatus bring a healthy challenge to the spine, but it also helps to achieve supported positions for deep stretching to elongate the body. From beginners to the well-versed exerciser, the Ladder Barrel challenges core stability, spinal strength and overall flexibility for every Pilates enthusiast.

Why to use pilates tower? 

A Pilates tower will cover work all the major muscles groups, work on muscular endurance, spinal mobility and flexibility. The tower also provides an amazing stretch and also provides great opportunities to challenge your balance.

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