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GaryYoga Socks Grip Non-Slip Open Toes Barefoot - Soft Silicone Sole


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Not only do yoga socks provide some extra grip, but they also wick away sweat, keep your feet warm during floor poses, and have a hygienic aspect they can protect your skin from exposure to fungus and bacteria in public places.

This socks will keep you exactly where you want to be. Great for: strolling around on wood floors, wearing slippers indoors, and staying on your feet in barre, yoga, and pilates classes or other workout studios. Not great for: skidding and slipping.

  • Material: Spandex / Nylon / Cotton
  • Safety Feature: Anti-Slip Soft Silicone Sole 
  • Closure: Grip Yoga/Ballet Five Open Toe
  • Multi-Purpose Use: Home/Hospital, Pregnant Women, Older People, Indoor Barefoot, Work-out, Yoga, Ballet Dance, and more....