Row Machine - New Design Rowing Machine

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Think of the rower like a Pilates reformer. Because of the mobile seat, you have an unstable, sliding surface that makes every exercise torch your core. With an elevated rail, you can also add inclines to different moves, working your muscles in new ways.


Row Machine Specifications 

  • Product Size: 1360 * 460 * 635mm =53.5” * 18.1” * 25” 
  • Package Size: 1060 * 2050 *440mm= 41.7” * 80.7” * 17.3” 
  • Console Size: 90*124mm = 3.5 * 4.8” 
  • Flywheel Weight: 3KG= 6.6 LB
  • Max. User's Weight: 150KG = 330 LB 
  • Built Receiver: YES
  • Net Weight: 19.8KG =43.6 LB

Why Rowing Pilates is Good? 

  • "By incorporating rowing intervals during class, we are able to put your body in EPOC (excess post-oxygen consumption), which will keep your body burning calories long after the workout is over," 
  • "Rowing is the only cardiovascular exercise that offers a 60/40 split between lower and upper body, making it an extremely balanced movement. Unlike traditional cardio machines, the rower works over 85% of your muscles in a single stroke while placing little to no impact on bones and joints."

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