Tomas Telescoping Pilates Reformer Special Edition- Foldable and Shortens Pilates Reformer

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Tomas telescoping reformer is the only reformer available that shortens for storage and use but still provides a smooth carriage ride with no seams on the track, which make it perfect for studio pilates at home! And like our other reformers, its professional features include springs tested for consistent, progressive resistance and ropes that adjust quickly with nautical cam cleats.

Main Features of The Tomas Special Edition Foldable and Shortens Reformer 

- Unique, seamless tracks and an 8-wheel system as on to create a smooth and silent, professional-quality ride.
- Telescoping, aluminum frame uses lever locks to easily lengthen for use, shorten for storage and for use. 
- “Wheelbarrow” transport wheels make it easy to move and store under a bed (9″ clearance required).
-“Library” transport wheels make it easy to move and store in a closet.
- Locking pin safely secures shoulder rests during exercise.
-Headrest adjusts to 3 different positions for comfort and cervical support.
- Sturdy frame handle helps you to lift the reformer upright and move.
-Built-in, non-skid standing platform for standing exercises is 5.5″ wide, a full inch wider than our other Reformers. 

  • When you select please make sure you select the right model. 
  • The Tomas pilates reformer  is "On Demand" Product 
  • It needs easy assembly. It can be assembled in few minutes very easily and without a lot of efforts. You can place it anywhere you need, and it is ready to be used.
  • Wheelbarrow wheels allows the machine to be stored under the bed. Library wheels it stores upright.
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Limited Warranty Terms 

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Disclaimer: It came to our attention that some of our customers got confused about this model and "Balanced Body IQ reformer". 

Please note; this is not "Balanced Body" brand. This reformer is made on demand for PersonalHour. And it is similar by design.  

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