Reformer Light Wall Unit - Pilates Springboard - White

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This Pilates Springboard is a compact, lightweight, and durable tool that delivers a unique full-body workout for people of all experience levels.
Measuring 20" W x 72" H, this board can be attached to the wall in your bedroom, living room, garage, home gym, or Pilates studio. Because it is bolted flat against the wall, this fitness tool provides a space-saving design that doesn't take up valuable floor space.

The Features of This Light Wall Unit - Pilates Springboard

  • This Pilates Springboard delivers a full-body workout that can build muscle, enhance stretching, promote balance, and encourage mindful movement.
  • This gym bar sets feature 4 Balanced Body Signature Springs with snaps (2 regular, 2 long), workout bars (a roll-down bar and a foot bar), and hardware for wall attachment.
  • Because this resistance kit bolts to the wall, it doesn't take up floor space, making it the ideal addition to your fitness studio, home gym, or yoga studio.
  • This board kits are portable and easy to use. We offer resistance bands and other accessories for people of all experience levels working out at home or in group training.

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