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Rectangular Yoga Pillow Bolster - Supportive Meditation Cushion

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  • Provides The Support That Your Body Needs: With this luxurious yoga pillow, you'll take your yoga or meditation practice to new heights; It helps alleviate pressure on your joints, provide lumbar support, deepen stretches, and enhance meditation and breathing practices
  • Specially Designed For All Yogis & Meditators: Whether you're a newbie or an advanced practitioner, this yoga pillow bolster will be one of your favorite yoga props; Now, getting into challenging poses like the Supported Child’s Pose, Seated Forward Fold, and Reclined Twist will be easier and more comfortable
  • Premium Materials That Hold Their Shape: Expertly crafted for long-lasting durability from eco-suede and recycled foam with a concentrated core; Unlike other yoga bolster pillows, this one will hold its shape due to the special dual-layer technology; To save space during shipment, the pillow is folded and, like you, it needs time to relax and restore to its natural state after unboxing
  • We Make It Easy For You To Bring It Everywhere: Each yoga bolster for restorative yoga also includes a handy drawstring carrying bag, so you can bring this pillow to class, the gym, and when traveling; Also, the cushion’s cover is removable and machine washable for added convenience
  • Helping All Women Find Balance In Their Life: We live in a hectic world, so setting aside time to work on yourself can be a challenge, but we want to help; Our goal is to build a welcoming community of like-minded women yearning for connection and peace of mind
This feel-good yoga bolster provides unmatched support and comfort for yogis and meditators of all skill levels.I've been a yoga teacher for many years.Seeing its rise in popularity in the past 5-10 years has made me so happy because I know first-hand how powerful it is at transforming the mind, body, and soul.Whenever I'm working with someone new to yoga, I always like to start them off slow.I meet them where they're currently at, taking into account their limitations, and then formulate a plan to help their practice progress at a rate they're comfortable with.That's one of the main reasons I created this rectangular yoga bolster pillow.My goal was to help new yogis (and even more experienced ones) feel more comfortable and relaxed during their yoga sessions.People often give up once we advance into more challenging poses, but with the yoga prop, that's not happening.It alleviates pressure on the joints and provides outstanding lumbar support, so they can get deeper into the stretch with more comfort and less risk of injury.I'm confident that this yoga pillow bolster will help you take your practice to the next level no matter where you are on your yoga or meditation journey.Below are a few reasons why you're going to love it:Rectangular yoga pillow that measures 25.9 x 10.2 x 5.9 inchesDesigned to provide support, comfort & enhance your practiceLuxurious design with a lotus embroidery pattern on the frontMade from eco-suede & recycled foam for long-lasting durabilityDual-layer technology design ensures that it holds its shapeThe cover is removable & machine washable when neededIncludes a convenient drawstring carrying bag Try our yoga pillows - they'll be your new favorite yoga prop, so buy one today!

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