Professional Pilates Reformer Accessory - Pilates Reformer Standing Platform Extender

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* Creates a large surface for the entire foot, during exercises like bridging or front splits.
* Provides full support for forearms or when kneeling.
* Enables use of both platform and jumpboard at the same time, as in seated exercises that use the jumpboard for back support.
* Great for athletes as it allows for a wide variety of leg strengthening work including squats and lunges.
* Excellent for older clients  provides a very stable and comfortable platform.
* Custom-designed cushion (included) covers the entire extended platform and elevates the surface to match the height of the reformer carriage.

The Reformer Standing Platform Extender features maple wood with non-skid surface to beautifully match your Pilates Reformer.

Platform Length = 25″ (63.5cm)
Platform Width = 5.75″ (14.6cm)
Every set includes one pad