New Reformers for Sale - Cost Price - Not Fulfilled and Not Opened

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Some of our orders got cancelled after production due to multiple reasons. 

Take the chance to order these reformers for almost half the price. Cost Price 

Available Now: 

Arena - Foldable Wood Pilates Reformer Machine - $1,110

- Luna Pilates Reformer  - White Leather - $1,299  

Foldable Aluminum Pilates Refomer with box and jump board   

Tomas Telescoping Pilates Reformer - Gray- $1,290 (Sold)

Telescoping and shorten pilates reformer with jump board and box 

- Nour Foldable pilates refomer - $1,290  (Sold)

Foldable wood pilates reformer with jump bouncer and box  

- Zous Gray Leather Refomer - $1,290 (Sold)

Foldable wood pilates reformer with jump board and box  


Pilates Abdominopelvic Spine Corrector Barrel - $690