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Men's Tsumugi Samue Cotton Smooth Texture Ninja Pajamas

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What is "SAMUE" ?
"Samue" is a traditional Japanese clothing worn by monks and craftsmen. It consists of a jacket and pants, typically made of cotton or linen. The jacket, called a "samue jacket" or "samue top," is often buttoned down the front and has a wrap-around style with a tie or sash to secure it. The pants are loose-fitting and have an elastic waistband or drawstring for comfort.

Samue is known for its comfort and practicality and is often worn during work or meditation. Monks may wear it as their everyday attire, while craftsmen wear it to protect their regular clothing from dirt and wear. Samue can also be seen as a symbol of simplicity and humility.

The word "samue" is derived from the Japanese word "samu," which means work, and "e," which means clothes or attire. So, in essence, "samue" refers to work attire or work clothing.

Size chart(inches)

M:Length: 29.9; Length between center of the back to wrist: 28.7; Waist; 28.3-38.6; Trousers length: 39

L:Length: 32.3; Length between center of the back to wrist: 30.3; Waist; 31.5-40.1; Trousers length: 41

XL:Length: 33; Length between center of the back to wrist: 31.5; Waist; 33.8-42.5; Trousers length: 41

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