Luxury Zen and Yoga Environment - Retro Moon Aluminum Resin Led Wall Lamps

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One of the best “Personal Hour” choices to set the right meditation and relaxing environment


  • Material: Metal+Resin
  • BulbBase: LED
  • Application Zen Room, Yoga Studio, Living Room. Indoor and Outdoor  
  • Size: D30/40/60/80/100CM

Notes from Personal Hour about lights for meditation 

Many of us feel more at ease to meditate in a dim lit room. The low light helps us feel more relaxed and concentrated in easing our minds. 

Should a meditation room be dark or light?

Choose lights on a dimmer that allow more versatility when creating an atmosphere based on your mood each time you meditate. Avoid using stark white lights or fluorescent lighting in your meditation room if you want to maintain a calm and inviting ambiance at all times.


Note: Please make sure from the size before you order.