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Luraush 2.0 - Aluminum Pilates Reformer - Enhanced Design

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🌟 Introducing the upgraded Luraush model! 🌟

After listening to your feedback, we've taken the Luraush to the next level. Say hello to an enhanced experience with improved headrest, sleeker frame design, and an added jump-board.

Upgrade your comfort and performance without breaking the bank. Elevate your workouts with the all-new Luraush today! 🚀


Luraush stands out as the preferred choice among pilates reformers for instructors and dedicated daily pilates practitioners. Recognized for its exceptional durability, it is considered one of the most affordable reformers suitable for rigorous use at home or in a professional studio setting.

The Luraush reformer boasts an elegant design, featuring a meticulously crafted aluminum frame and high-quality components that ensure a smooth and comfortable carriage ride.

Specifications of Luraush reformer

  • Crafted from top-grade materials and meticulously hand-polished for quality.
  • The soft carriage glides smoothly and silently.
  • Overall dimensions: Length - 2360mm (92.9"), Width - 650mm (25.5").
  • Carriage length: 960mm (27.1"), Carriage width: 600mm (23.6").
  • Includes padded jump board, footboard, and box.
  • Equipped with 6 resistance springs: 2 red (Heavy Resistance - 50 lb), 2 green (Medium Resistance - 35 lb), and 2 yellow (Very Light Resistance - 25 lb)
  • You can customize your springs read more  

What is Inside the Box ? 

You will receive one wooden box that includes the below parts 

1- Bed frame assembled with the foot-bar. 
2- Padded jump board. 
3- Large pilates box. 
4- Padded foot extender. 
5- Carriage (pulley plate)
6- Two shoulder rest pads 
7- Two foot and hands loops. 
8- One foot strap. 
9- Two limit pull pins (stoppers). 


Where can I visit to test and view your Pilates equipment?

Our Ohio showroom is a humble space, and we kindly request you to reach out to us to schedule an appointment. (Location

Is it possible to attach a Trapeze tower to the Luraush?

Certainly, you have the option to later incorporate a tower into the Luraush reformer. 
Adding the tower later will cost you $799, please contact us with order number to create a custom order for you. 

How long does it take to be delivered? 

The Luraush is an on-demand product by default (Please make sure to read and understand what is on-demand product before purchasing), requiring 4-6 weeks for production before shipping. If you require expedited production, you can select this option for an additional cost; This choice will reduce the standard production time from 4-6 weeks to just 1 week. Please contact us within 24 hours after placing your order if you wish to opt for expedited production or consider adding this service to your cart
Also please note standard delivery for Pilates Equipment is curtsied - as close to your entrance or garage as possible. For in-house delivery, please reach out to us within one week of placing the order to make arrangements. There is an additional charge for that depends on your state (US service only). 

What are available custom colors options?

Warranty Terms 

Personal Hour warrants that all new equipment is free of manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials, subject to the terms below. 

Read Warranty Full Terms 

  • Quality inspection before shipping
  • Warranty included
  • Support included